Brand Styling • Creative Coaching • Strategic Design @FindingEdenMedia we love partnering with creative entrepreneurs to build thriving brands that have lasting impact!


We partner with creative entrepreneurs to build thriving brands with lasting impact.

We believe everyone has an ‘eden’ — that sweet spot where your gifts, passion, and purpose converge.

And your brand should tell the story of that eden — in fact, it's a story that only you can tell. But, we're here to help — drawing out the details and helping you craft it in a way that leaves a lasting mark on our world. Every piece of the journey matters: the color palette, the typographic structures, the visual identity encompassed in your logo, the offerings showcased on your website, your marketing strategies, and everything in's all important, but you don't have to do it alone. Over the past five years, we've developed a unique, immersion-based method to guide creative entrepreneurs on this journey. We hope you'll join us, too!

If you're ready to take that next step, download our free Project Map. Inside you'll find all the information you need — a deeper look into who we are, details on our process and standard timelines, and investment structures that typically start at $2200.


Are you feeling stuck with your website or Logo?
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Don't know where to begin to create an strong sales funnel?

We are currently putting together a FREE resource library for creative entrepreneurs featuring worksheets, tutorials, and trainings — all designed to help you create a thriving brand! So put aside the anxiety and endless searching and sign up below to be the first with exclusive access when we launch!