We love delicious food paired with great drinks.
We love beautiful music paired with good company.
We love big books paired with warm blankets.

And we take #donutsaturday very seriously.

We've come to terms with the fact that we're introverts, but that it's probably not healthy to live as hermits. So, we're thankful for our small, inner circle of friends who understand our quirkiness and love us in spite of it. We really enjoy wrapping our hands around a cup of coffee/tea/cocoa (we don't discriminate) and wrapping our hearts around the person on the other side of the table.

We call Central Ohio home. And we've fallen in love over the past four years with our cozy-but-perfect-for-us apartment filled with vintage treasures from the thrift store, good records, and lots of bookshelves.  

As #bookies (a.k.a. people who adore books to the point of obsession), we have a deep need to create reading nooks throughout our home on a consistent basis. You'll also find a lion figure or print in just about every room of our home (#aslanisonthemove) alongside reminders of the motherland — Ireland. Someday we hope to travel to the northern part of the Emerald Isle and trace our roots in Donegal.

Until then, we make weekly trips to Trader Joe's, the laundromat, and our library. We enjoy settling into the comfort of well-worn routines and rhythms. In this season, we're clinging to end of "parenting littles" as we wrap up toilet training on one end and embark on the journey of learning to read on the other end. To keep up with our boys we're doing a constant dance of staying on our toes while simultaneously falling to our knees in prayer. We've given them big names to grow into and we love seeing their personalities, gifts, and passions truly shining as they learn more about themselves and their place in God's story. 

This year, we embarked on the journey of homeschooling and so far, our absolute favorite things are Literature and Tea Time, nature studies, and writing. We love this life of working, playing, learning, serving, and being together. And yes, it can get crazy as we juggle client projects, school work, a second-shift job, and ministry — but we wouldn't trade it for the world. 

we've decided to get intentional as we focus in on these 10 simple truths for our family...

Jesus first and always.

No-matter-what love.

Live simply in contentment.

Do the hard things first.

Create rhythms, rituals and rest.

Set boundaries for freedom.

Go deep, not wide.

Embrace gratitude with generosity.

Transition from surviving to thriving.

Never stop growing in wisdom, stature, and favor.

We know there are others like us out there...

We stand with you in this unique blending of our work & play.
this must be a piece of what we were created for in the Garden.