Expedition (noun): a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration

What is an opt-in offer/lead magnet and how do I create one?

I have this fabulous idea! How do I successfully launch it to the world?

What is the point of email marketing? It sounds too sales-y for my style.

If I'm not an entrepreneur, I don't need to worry about a sales funnel, right?

I've been blogging for awhile — how do I start to step into the monetization waters?

I love the thought of self-publishing, but I'm completely overwhelmed! How do I get started?

How am I supposed to manage all the social media channels for my brand? I don't have time!

I can't get my website to look quite right — how can I make it stronger from a visual standpoint?

I have good traffic on my blog, but I'm not making money! Why is no one buying from/hiring me?

Is a content plan for my brand really important and how do I use it to really engage with my readers?

Over the past four years, we've worked with dozens of clients who have asked those exact questions!

Your goal is to build a brand that truly thriveS.
Don't allow a season of growth to overwhelm and paralyze you!

All you need is someone in your corner to guide you through that season of development! Someone who will help you cast a vision for your brand and develop a strategy to get you there! We offer that guidance and support through The Expedition — a unique critique and consultation service developed with creatives in mind! 

By exploring your brand's current position and all the inner workings behind it, we are able to offer custom-tailored recommendations, advice, and guides in a come-alongside manner that will equip you for success in specific areas where you want to see growth and improvement. Because excursions are unique to each client’s goals and needs, the actual takeaways look very different from project to project. But here are a few examples of what we've equipped our clients with at the end of our time together: 

  • Editorial Calendar Development Cheat Sheet
  • Top 5 Post Audit and Writing Guide
  • Collaboration Pitch Script and Custom Collaboration Leads
  • Lead Magnet Format Flowchart
  • Brand Specific Review/Giveaway List
  • Custom Monetization Strategy Recommendations
  • Launch Kit Development Guide
  • Tutorial and Template for Great Blog Images
  • Brand Trajectory Timeline
  • Content Plan | Features and Series Brainstorm List
  • Category & Sidebar Cleanup Checklist
  • Platform & Plugin Recommendation List
  • Visual Inspiration Board
  • Site ReOrganization Map
  • Guest Blogger Pitch Script and Custom Byline
  • Custom Lead Magnet Titles
  • Social Media Core Audit
  • Core Values Manifesto
  • Custom Ideal Reader/Customer Profile
  • Media Kit Template
  • Self-Publishing Investigation Checklist
  • Aesthetic Update Checklist for Social Profiles
  • Brand Voice Lexicon
  • Tailored Potential Advertising Opportunity List

Everyone walks away equipped with a clear strategy alongside highly actionable steps and the best tools for moving into the next season of thriving with their brand!

If you’re ready to take that journey with us, strap on your backpack and grab your walking stick — it’s going to be quite the adventure! ALL THE PROCESS DETAILS ARE BELOW...

To start the process, simply launch our Expedition Application and share a some details about your project!

After reviewing your application, we'll send you an invoice and Embark Date for your calendar along with any follow-up questions we may have.

Once that date has been confirmed and your invoice has been paid, we'll set out on the critique portion of your journey. We'll spend several hours poring over your website, existing brand components, and social media profiles — taking notes, investigating deeper, and devoting our creative vision to ways you can improve, organize, clean up, and grow from your current position.

We'll then develop two tools for you — a Video Documentary of us walking through your project and showcasing our suggestions and advice, and an Expedition Report which details each element of our assessment with an extensive list of curated resources and action steps to help you move forward. We'll also attach any relevant takeaway guides (examples above) to that report!

After you've had time to review these components, we'll be available to answer any questions and give clarity where needed via a round of email consultation

Then, we encourage you to step out, get to work, and make it happen! If you feel you would benefit from further support or would like to link arms with us on developing your brand professionally, we'll create a custom project just for you!

For a limited time, we're offering these Expedition Packages for an investment of $110! In 2016 that price point will increase, so don't delay in booking your expedition today!